Statuary Compliance Management

Payment of Wages Act:

According to this act, the payment should be made before 7th of every month. VRK Pay on last Day of the Month

The Employees' State Insurance Act, 1948:

The ESI Act provides certain benefits to employees in case of sickness, maternity and employment injury. VRK Pay ESI before 15th of every month

Employees Provident Fund (PF) Act, 1952:

According to this act, Any factory or establishment having 20 or more employees
directly or through contract is liable to be covered under this act. VRK covered with PF act and pay PF Every month before 15th

The Payment of Bonus Act, 1965:

Under the Act, The bonus is calculated by the employee’s salary and the profits of the establishment. Bonus minimum rate of 8.33% Paid by VRK every Month in Salary
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