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Brief on VRK

Specialized in Manpower Management, with end-to-end payroll support system along with Consultancy

Empowered with Skilled resources to handle large manpower base of Telecomm/ IT/ Oil n Gas industry efficiently.

VRK have been one of the leading names in the industry for skills in  manpower management and manufacturing units in the fields of solar and thermal energy systems, Information Technology sectors.

OUR vision & Mission


Globally Trusted Organization in HR & Payroll services.


To deliver measurable business outcomes and objectives.

Core Values


Conduct Business with fairness, transparency and honesty with clients, employees, suppliers and society.


Unity and teamwork is an essential building block to any organization.


We must take responsibilities of our action, a clear conscience is always easy to carry.


We should set standards for people to follow.


To strive for efficiency, constantly improve our self, to have kaizen way of life.

VRK Resources

  • Incorporated: 2017
  • Presence: Pan India
  • Team : Account Wise Dedicated

› Excellence track record award from Samsung in 2019,
compliance 3rd party Aparajitha.

Followed Labor law with clean Track Record

  • SME/Managers 10%
  • RF Experts/RAN Optimization 25%
  • NOC Engineers 35%
  • Field Engineers 15%
  • MIS, SCM Executive & Warehouse Supervisor 15%


  • Expert Recruiters

    Ability to Understand Organization Job Skill Requirement & Recruiting based on
    Job Skill Requirement.

  • Customized Solution

    Adaptability of Company’s Corporate Structure, Culture & Talent Needs towards
    Client Goal.

  • Pan India Operation

    Deep Knowledge of Local Market to serve & leverage Manpower Requirement.

  • Compliance

    Committed to Comply with Indian Labor Laws, Taxation & Statutory Requirements

  • Trust Worthy

    Build Trust & Relationship with all our Stake Holders Keeping Integrity at the core
    of who we are

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