NOC Engineer Opening

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NOC engineer opening

A NOC (network operation center) engineer is an expert who primarily screens large computer networks and servers for hitches from a centralized location or through satellite. It is a centralized place From which IT administration or a third party can supervise, monitor, and maintained a Telecommunication network. Skill needed for Noc engineer is Knowledge of service architecture, Design, Resource configuration, Network security knowledge, Multitasking, Problem-solving, and support.

The basic education needed to be Noc Engineer is a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Computer Engineering, or in a sim, or similar field. The salary of a NOC Engineer may differ from company to company experience to experience, Fresher can expect a 1.8 lakh annual salary in India. We are the top recruiter in the industry for NOC engineers. We help a candidate to get placed in a good position at a good company.

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