OSS/BSS Engineer

  • Implementing and maintaining appropriate systems for measuring necessary aspects of OSS / BSS operational management and development
  • Monitoring, measuring and reporting on core KPI targets
  • Maintenance and development of existing systems
  • Maintaining effective documentation of existing and new systems
  • Systems monitoring for performance and availability
  • Training NOC and SOC staff on effective use of systems
  • Assist the IT OSS / BSS manager with the development of IT OSS operational strategy and performance.”

RF Drive test Engineer

  • Assessing implementation and installation
  • Monitoring functionality
  • Measuring capacity, coverage, and quality of service
  • Designing new evaluation techniques and processes”

Microwave Implementation Engineer

  • Analysis to determine antenna size, radio equipment and frequency band to achieve maximum system performance.
  • Develop designs for integration of hardware and software systems for managing network solutions.
  • Design various network configuration of LTE network including microwave link network access and IMS VoLTE design.
  • Analyze frequency interference to ensure the compliance with public safety agencies’ requirements.

RF Planning Engineer

  • Work and deliver Shareholder designs
  • Site level design delivery for Radio of Network Operator
  • Maintain and generate RDS for unilateral builds
  • Report & governance for nomination status for unilateral sites
  • Liaison with Shareholder teams to exploit synergies between unilateral tactical & strategic solutions
  • Highlight potential risks to site level projects and mitigate as necessary”

Wireless Network Engineer

  • Install both hardware or software to monitor system performance
  • Troubleshoot tasks to prevent downtime
  • Provide solutions for upgrade management
  • Plan for future strategies and initiatives to keep high performance  network
  • Collaborate with various stakeholders
  • Testing and modifying equipment wherever needed

NOC Engineer

  • Deploy and Inspect IT network systems.
  • Oversee installation of hardware and cabling systems.
  • Monitoring the performance and capacity of network.
  • Conduct regular checks for optimum performance.
  • Respond and Resolve network alerts & hardware malfunctions.
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot network errors.
  • Manage system backups and network security protocols

NodeB Engineer

  • “Identify test strategy and test plan development for 4G and 5G nodeB/gNB product.
  • Responsible for Test Strategy and Master Execution of Test Plan.
  • Prepare test plans based on  customer requirements and 3GPP specs.
  • Prepare lab test setups for end to end
  • Execute test plan in the lab environment by creating  field scenarios in the lab.
  • Prepare status report for all testing activities.

Transmission Engineer

  • Maintenance of telecommunications transmission systems/equipment’s
  • Review and plan for the schedule preventive and corrective maintenance work for all transmission equipment (DWDM, OTN, SDH and PDH).
  • Ensuring effective fault management
  • Ensuring no/ minimal disruption of services
  • Testing and commissioning of deployment on new project.

RAN Engineer

  • Configuration and Integration within mobile networks with a focus on technology transfer and transport networks.
  • Ensuring accessibility and Controllability of network elements
  • Implementation of configuration work, commissioning and debugging of microwave systems
  • Documentation of the introduced configurations.
  • Participate in the development of efficient integration strategies and processes
  • Support for O & M activities

Microwave Planning Engineer

  • Execute the activities with Microwave planning
  • Define procedures for microwave Network Planning .
  • Manage , Monitor &review planning procedures
  • Detail workflow for the process, every input/outpurt/Analysis/templet..etc
  • Carry various functions such as Transmission Capacity analysis ,Line of Sight TestLink Engineering etc.

RF Engineer

  • Define and evaluate technical specifications
  • Define the architecture of RF solutions
  • Select components, design components, integrate modules
  • Define a test plan, simulate solutions
  • Develop the complete solution with validation procedures.
  • Maintain and Update technical documentation

IP RAN Engineer

  • Support for SW/ HW New Feature verification and validation
  • Design and configuring the RNC and RNC Interfaces (Iu, Iub, Iur)
  • Integrate node Bs in the field, as needed
  • Resolve UTRAN technical issues.
  • Support on the LTE network, small cell, other projects with understanding of  protocols of VoLTE and ViLTE.
  • Implement of RAN Cloud and IoT

August 26, 2022


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