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Telecom operation and maintenance

Telecom operation and maintenance services include preventive maintenance and Fault management services. The main activity in telecom O&M includes removing Failures in the telecommunication network and maintaining it to run smoothly. Telecom services include Fixed-network services (data retail, Internet retail, Voice retail) and mobile Services There are 4 types of maintenance Corrective maintenance, Preventive maintenance, Risk-based maintenance, and Condition-based maintenance.

The basic education needed for Telecom O&M is a Bachelor’s degree in engineering in electronic or Telecommunication. Skill needed in telecom O&M is Technical knowledge, Soft skill, Problem-solving skill, analysis, and Risk identification skill.

The salary of telecom O&M depends from company to company, an individual fresher can expect a salary between 2-5 lakh in India. We find the best telecom operator on your behalf, we have vast experience in this industry, and we have worked with big mnc like jio. We have qualified and skillful Telecom operators.

The company is also providing services in various domain like HR staffing service in telecom and providing IT staff on contract and much more. We take care of all your requirement that you have during recruitment  and assure you with a proper candidate in that particular role

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Telecom Operation and Maintenance

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