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Rf engineering is a subgroup of Electronic engineering in the domain of IT and telecom sector. Rf engineers are also called Radiofrequency engineers. The primary work of an Rf engineer is to collect data, research radio frequency, and gather information to improve radar design. The frequency range is about 20 kHz to 300 GHz. Their job is to transmit or receive radio waves it is not limited to only mobile device radio, etc. They are highly specialized in the Design of the antenna system, Design of coupling and transmission line, Verification and measurement of radio frequency devices and system Basic education qualification needs to be an Rf engineer is a Bachelor’s degree in Electric engineering or related field.

The basic skill needed in this field is Good technical knowledge (Rf is extremely technical), Soft skill both written and verbal, and Knowledge of circuit design, Analysis, Problem-solving, and Troubleshooting. To provide go results, Rf engineers need to have good and in-depth knowledge of mathematics, Physics, and electronic theory. The salary of an Rf engineer may vary from company to company and experience to experience but the basic salary a fresher can get is from 2 to 5 lakh in India.

We are the top recruiter in the industry for rf analysts. We help a company to find the right RF engineer VRK has been providing Rf engineers to many companies, we have vast experience in this field. We have candidates with good knowledge and proper skill. We have provided 1000 plus employees to 100 plus companies. We have worked with many big Mnc including jio.

We also have vast experience in providing RAN engineer and QA Automation Engineers as per the firm requirement. We provide staff in start-up, small enterprise and mnc’s. Our core priority is to fulfilled client need and provides quality and skilful employees.+30

August 18, 2022

RF Analyst Recruiter

August 18, 2022

RAN Integration Engineer

August 18, 2022

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